Our campground rules.

Because of the quality of life on our campsite, we ask all guests to observe the following rules.

  • Keep the grounds, the buildings and the yard clean.
  • Park your car at the designated location.
    Do not park your car on the campsite.
    After 23.00 hours rest time applies. Make sure that nobody is bothered by you.
  • One extra living space (either an awning or a canopy) is allowed.
  • Waste water is discharged in the designated depot around the corner of the barn, not on the campsite.
  • On our farm tractors and turning machines will be used. These have appeal to your children. That is why we ask that you only allow children to watch and play in the yard under your supervision.
  • The owner of the campsite does not accept any liability for destruction, loss or damage to property. Nor is liability accepted for the consequences arising from behavior of humans and animals.
  • Use of playground equipment is at your own. We reserve the right to hold you liable for any damage caused by you.
  • Pets are only welcome in consultation, but only if kept on a leash. If you plan to bring more than one dog, first contact by telephone! Exhausts outside the grounds and yard.
  • Toilets and other sanitary facilities are cleaned twice a day. If this is not sufficient, there is plenty of cleaning material available.Together we keep it clean!
  • The use of plastic groundsheets or root cloths are not allowed with us! Only cloths that are both water and air permeable (so the grass can breath) are allowed. We do check the state of the lawn on a regularly basis (image).
  • Do not pour paper into the chemical toilet.
    Put the net back in place after using the sandbox to prevent our cats use the sandbox.
  • Your camping pitch is available after 2 pm and departure must be before noon. For the "Gasthuis" apartment, arrival after 3 p.m. and departure before 10.30 p.m. apply. If you have arrived earlier than planned due to circumstances, you can stay at the parking lot. Please respect departing visitors and lunch time.
  • Your reservation is definite after we have the first half (50%) of the payment. The second (remaining) deposit must be paid and received by us one week before date of arrival. The RECRON conditions apply here.
  • in case of cancellation, we apply the delivery terms of VEKABO.

Thank you for follow these rules. We appreciate it.